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Museum & Community


Communities for a long time have played an important role in collecting work of the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology. Moreover, they have involved in the preparation process of the Museum's exhibitions for the purpose of introducing about and preserving cultural heritage. This collaboration has made the Museum's activities lively and closer to people's lives. Communities have also effectively participated in performances of traditional handicrafts, folk arts, water puppetry, and folk games etc. Traditional architectures in the open-air exhibition were reconstructed by local artisans and through the years have been repaired by community members themselves. By working together with Museum staff, communities are more proud of their culture and raise the awareness of protecting cultural heritage. In short, the vibrancy and attractiveness of the Museum is due to the enormous contribution of communities. It is the highlights in the VME's activities in presenting cultural heritage values to visitors.


The mission of the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is to implement various tasks including scientific research, collecting, object inventory, storage, exhibition, performance, and educational activities in order to contribute to the safeguarding of cultural diversity of different ethnic groups in Vietnam, in Southeast Asia and around the world.


12-11-1997 The first day the VME opened to the public
500,000 The annually total number of visitors
15,000 - 20,000 The total number of visitors in each annual events such as the New Year's Holiday program, the International Children's Day program, the Mid-Autumn Festival
43,799m2 The total area of the VME
20,000m2 The area of the open-air exhibition (Architectural Garden) at the VME
2,000m2 The area of the permanent exhbition Vietnam's Ethnic Peoples
30,000 The quantity of object units at the VME
130,000 The number of photos and videos that are kept in storage and used by the VME
1,646 The number of object units about cultures of ethnic peoples in Vietnam that are displayed in the permanent exhibition inside the Bronze Drum building
10 The number of special traditional architectures of some ethnic groups in Vietnam that are reconstructed in the Architectural Garden of the VME

Open from 8:30 to 17:30 everyday except Mondays and New Year's Holiday

Nguyễn Văn Huyên Road, Cầu Giấy District, Hà Nội