In Southeast Asia, patrilineal ethnic groups practise patrilocal marriage, in which after getting married a wife will live with her husband's family. There are also matrilineal groups, who practise matrilocal marriage, whre the husband lives with his wife's family after marrying.

Although marriage is organized according to local traditions and varies from one population to another, it always includes several steps, such as the betrothal and the wedding, often the most important aspects. For many people such as the Javanese, the bride and bridegroom wear extravagant and sophisticated costumes that are designed specifically for the wedding. Other ethnic groups dress more simply with just a few decorative adornments. The wedding can have a large number of guests and its festivities can last several day.

Several ethnic groups, like the Hmong or the Tausuq on Jolo Island in the Philippines, still uphold the tradition of "bride abduction". When, for any reason, a young couple cannot marry, the young man takes the girl with her consent to make her his wife.

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