Craft Link’s Traditional Handicraft Bazaar at the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

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Craft Link’s Traditional Handicraft Bazaar at the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

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Craft Link’s Traditional Handicraft Bazaar at the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology


The 28th Handicraft Bazaar will be held at the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology on Saturday, 17th November 2018, from 9am to 4.30pm. This is one of the most interesting cultural events of Hanoi in November. The fair has 47 stalls, gathering groups from different parts of the country, including 23 booths of ethnic minorities, 24 booths belonging to handicapped groups and traditional craft villages. The bazaar will attract about 5,000 visitors who come for cultural exchange and shopping.  

This year's exhibition is very special with the extremely unique exhibition Drawing of Beeswax and Natural Dyeing with Indigo. Craft making demonstration activities include brocade weaving, embroidery,…and recreational activities, educational and artistic activities for children. Young children can participate in useful activities free of charge such as: Making handmade products, drawing masks, making greeting cards, making bracelets, coloring patterns of ethnic minority designs, designing fashion and so on. Through these activities, they will better understand the traditional craftsmanship processes

Craft Link is a Vietnamese non-governmental, not-for-profit, and fair trade organization that works to assist ethnic minority groups, disability groups and craft villages to revive their culture and earn additional income for poor craftsmen. Through the Craft Link projects, artisan groups are trained on the necessary skills in management, bookkeeping, restoration of traditional techniques, product development and marketing. At the end of the project, groups will be able to manage themselves and develop sustainably. 

Every year Craft Link organizes major events to raise public awareness on ethnic minority groups, craft villages and their cultural traditions. Traditional Handicraft Bazaar is one of these events. Through the Bazaar, artisan groups can not only sell goods and increase their incomes, but also have the opportunity to interact directly with visitors and better understand their tastes and consumption habits. The visitors come no only to buy traditional handicraft products and watch special performances, ethnic charms, but also have opportunity to learn more about the cultural traditions of ethnic minority groups and craft village groups from all over Vietnam.

Open from 8:30 to 17:30 everyday except Mondays and New Year's Holiday

Nguyễn Văn Huyên Road, Cầu Giấy District, Hà Nội