Mid-Autumn Festival of 2016 in Review

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Mid-Autumn Festival of 2016 in Review

Đánh giá

Mid-Autumn Festival of 2016 in Review


Trung thu 2016

The Mid-Autumn Festival Colourful Culture of Bạc Liêu has attracted more than 15,000 visitors to the museum to participate in and experience activities in two days, September 10th and September 11th. Nearly 200 news and articles about the program have been published on newspapers, television channels, and radio.

Different cultural forms from Bạc Liêu have made this year’s program more diverse and lively. Visitors had a chance to watch excited unicorn dance with unique techniques and appealing mai hoa thung pole staging (dancing on wooden poles arranged like a valley of mai flowers), enjoy the music and lyrics of Đờn ca tài tử (the Southern style folk songs), and taste popular dishes of Bạc Liêu land right in the heart of Hà Nội.

Many people loved and enthusiatically participated in specific Mid-Autumn activities such as making lanterns, paper doctors, sticky rice cake, pounding young rice grains to make cốm, kneading coloured dough into fruits, decorating iron ships etc. Thousands of children with their family members have experienced these activities according to the guidance of the artisans, museum staff and museum volunteers. Besides, active visitors also discovered and played many folk games inside the campus of the museum.

The VME’s annual Mid-Autumn Festival is an opportunity to introduce and promote cultures of different areas in the country. The museum hope this activity will enhance the opportunities for cultural bearers to self introduce about their culture whilst visitors explore culture through experience and exchange with artisans. This is a meaningful work to stimulate the awareness of preservation and promotion of Việt Nam’s cultural heritage values in the context of integration.

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