The Mid-Autumn Festival 2015 in Review

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The Mid-Autumn Festival 2015 in Review

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The Mid-Autumn Festival 2015 in Review


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In two days on September 26th and 27th, 2015, the Mid-Autumn Festival 2015 themed Colourful Culture of Can Tho attracted almost 20,000 visitors to the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology. About 200 news and articles written about the program have been published in newspapers and broadcasted on television and radio stations.

Mid-Autumn Festival 2015 - opening ceremony

Visitors dancing with local artists at the opening ceremony

The co-ordination between the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Cần Thơ Province, the Cần Thơ Provincial Museum and the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology has created particular characteristics of the program. Visitors had a chance to observe and enjoy various features of culture of ethnic peoples living in Cần Thơ Province such as: Sari cakeo dance, lam thol dance, and dù kê stage of Khơme people; dragon and lion dance performed vividly by the Kinh artisans of Việt Anh Đường troupe; talks on Ók om bók Festival (Moon Worshipping Festival) of the Khơme; and special food of Cần Thơ such as bánh tét lá cẩm (cylinder glutinous rice cake wrapped in cẩm leaves) and bánh xèo (local pancake folded in half) etc..

Mid-Autumn Festival 2015 - pestling new green rice

Experiencing pestling new green rice

Such traditional activities that are usually done on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival in Việt Nam as making lanterns, crafting paper doctors, making moon cakes, pounding young rice grains, kneading coloured dough into paste fruits, decorating iron ship models etc. were organized in the program and interested many visitors. With guidance of the craftsmen, the Museum’s staff and the volunteers, thousands of children have participated in these activities.

Mid-Autumn Festival 2015 - pushing stick

Playing "stick pushing"

Every year, through its Mid-Autumn Festival, the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology wishes to introduce the culture of different areas in the country to the public for the purpose of providing them with new understandings and various forms of entertainments as well as raising their awareness of preserving and promoting cultural heritage of Việt Nam.

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