The Hani House to be Repaired

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The Hani House to be Repaired

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The Hani House to be Repaired

19- 30/11/2015

Anh 3

According to the plan of preserving traditional constructions at the open-air exhibition, from November 19th to 30th, 2015, five Hani artisans from Y Tý Commune, Bát Xát District, Lào Cai Province, reroofed and repaired the wall as well as the floor of the Hani House at the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology.

Before getting the work done, they held a ritual to worship the god of the land according to the traditional custom of Hani people. When reroofing, they tied thatch into bundles and arranged these bundles evenly over the roof; the bottom of the thatch directed to the ground, the top pointed to the roof top; a piece of bamboo was tied on the thatch at every half of arms length to keep fixed the bundles of thatch. According to local custom, the reroofing is done counter clockswise in a circle around the roof from the bottom to the top. When the work was finished, another ritual was held to express the gratitute to the god of the land.

This was a chance for visitors, researchers, and students to exchange with the Hani artisans to understand more about their house as well as their culture.

Open from 8:30 to 17:30 everyday except Mondays and New Year's Holiday

Nguyễn Văn Huyên Road, Cầu Giấy District, Hà Nội