Mid-Autumn Festival 2016 - Colourful Culture of Bạc Liêu

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Mid-Autumn Festival 2016 - Colourful Culture of Bạc Liêu

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Mid-Autumn Festival 2016 - Colourful Culture of Bạc Liêu

10- 11/09/2016

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The Mid-Autumn Festival 2016 will take place at the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology on Saturday, September 10th, and Sunday, September 11th, from 8.30 am to 12 am and from 2 pm to 5 pm.

Through cultural performances and folk games, the program will present the traditional cultural features associated with Việt Nam’s Mid-Autumn Festival. With artisans’ guidance, children will engage in making Mid-Autumn typical folk toys such as lanterns, star-shaped lamps, rabbit-shaped lamps, paper doctors, stick pushing men etc.. Twenty ethnic games introduced in the program will help visitors improve their health and intelligence. Visitors interested in traditional cuisine can experience pounding young rice grains and exchange with artisans from Vòng Village that is famous for making green rice flakes (cốm). Besides, there will be storytelling about Mid-Autumn for kindergarten and primary education children.

Mid-Autumn Festival at the VME is always a regular choice of many families and young people in Hà Nội. This is a time of emotional cohesion for family members when they learn together about traditional culture of the Mid-Autumn Festival. At the same time, visitors have the opportunity to explore some characteristics of different regions in Việt Nam, which would help to enhance their understandings of cultural heritage and raise their awareness of traditional culture preservation.

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