Professor Kaneko Kazushige was born in 1925. He is President of the Institute of Asian Ethno-Forms and Culture in Japan. Since 1948, he has done researches of traditional crafts in many Japanese provinces. He has collected many objects of different ethnic groups in the world, especially in Asia in his 400 fieldworks. He donated a part of his big collections to the KoreanNationalMuseum and Kyushu National Museum of Japan.

With his inner wishes of making Asian people better understand themselves, Professor Kaneko donated more than 500 objects to the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology in 2005 and 2006. The objects are diverse in forms and materials such as Japanese ceramics and lacquer; Myanmar lacquer and string puppets, Korean costumes; Chinese kites, Indonesian ritual objects, Indian masks, Yemen and Pakistan costumes...

Most of his donated objects are presented in this second-floor exhibition while several others are displayed in Southeast Asia exhibit in the first floor. With this exhibit, the Museum tries to bring the public a more diversified insight of the Asian cultures.