The paintings in this exhibition are an expression of a crossed glance on Moroccan and Vietnamese cultures through lacquer and acrylic art techniques from the perception of N. R. Deniale, a Moroccan artist, of soul and heart. Every pieaces sprang from the depth of her feelings as a Moroccan artist as well as from the Vietnamese materials, diversified culture, landscapes, and people.

The stay in Vietnam, as in Deniale's mind a wonderful country, has been her blooming artistic period, full of emotions and wonders which nurtured her art works. For her, painting is meditation and relaxation.

Ambling along the bustling old streets of Hanoi has always reminded Deniale of the Moroccan old medina in the imperial cities like Fes, Rabat, Marrakech... and provided her with great energy and inspiration.

The exhibition is an invitation to cross different cultures, exchange with each other about our humanity and differences that make us stronger, and also to learn about the refined culture of Vietnam and its people who engraved in the artist's mind and heart.