This house built in 1967 originally belonged to Mr. Dao The Dien’s family in Tham Roc Village, Binh Yen Commune, Dinh Hoa District, Thai Nguyen Province. It was reconstructed at the Museum in two weeks in 1999 by twelve Tay people of the house region.

According to traditional techniques, wood and bamboo are soak in water and muddy from at least 3 to 6 months to avoid woodworms. The house at Museum is covered with 6.000 palm leaves. It sits on 1.8m high stilts and its area is more than 100m2. The walls and the shutters are patterned with bamboo laths that are naturally dyed in black with a mixture of soot and brown tuber juice. These flower and diamond-shaped patterns are widely used in Tay textile and basketry.

The space under the house is for domestic animals, firewood, tools, implements, mill and mortar for pounding rice. Children play and older people rest in the shade.

The family kitchen god is worshiped in a simple shelter erected at the house entrance.